L. Why Not??? or UltraEdit Is The Best

Recently I tried to insert a copy of a MS-Word file at the very end of the same file.  I expected to get a “document already open for editing, open a read-only copy” prompt, but to my surprise I did not, I got a blatant refusal:   Word cannot insert a file into itself”.   I was kind of shocked and wondered “Why Not?”   I then decided to try it with a text editor I have been using more and more often instead of Word, UltraEdit,  and it quickly did it without complaint.  I have used MS-Word for a long time; in fact after using the VERY FIRST wordprocessors (Wordstar or Visiword) I bought Microsoft Word 2.0 (it is now at 12 or 13 or later?) and used it on a PCjr with an add-on memory board).  If it seems like I am digressing, the point is:  Why can’t the oldest, most powerful word processing program from one of the world’s largest corporations do something that a much newer, smaller and cheaper program (UltraEdit) can do?  I once sorted 173,000 plus lines of text and UltraEdit (UE) did it in about 5 minutes.  UE can perform a search and replace on THOUSANDS of entries in SECONDS!!!!  It is a FABULOUS company with FABULOUS support:  You can get an answer from their Help function in less time than it takes to locate the appropriate web page for Microsoft Word at the Microsoft.Com web site.

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