J. MCHD 9/11/2012 property tax public hearing documents

On September 11, 2012 (don’t you think that date should be a national holiday – to remind us how our country was harmed and to keep us vigilant about future threats to the US?)  our hospital is having a public hearing to receive comments about raising their property tax rate.   These documents are provided in chronologic order to allow the reader to see how I have offered to save our hospital money, by doing the medical transcription locally and not sending it to a giant transcription service in New Jersey).

03.31.2009 my letter to hospital transcription supervisor

01.10.2010 my letter to Dr. Van Gorp enclosing touch-type chart

08.17.2010 my letter to hospital PR person

09.01.2010 my letter to Robi Thompson at Dumas TWC office

09.10.2010 my letter to local Economic council re getting brushed off by hospital

04.07.2011 Zen letter to CEO re newspaper article about hospital renegotiationg vendor contracts

05.17.2011 Zen letter to CEO diligently following up on CEO’s request

07.08.2011 Zen letter to CEO expressing remorse about him having no reason to use Zen

12.07.2011 RW letter to ER doctor re office he recommended won’t take new patients

12.29.2011 my letter to CEO saving him money re pillbox overcharging

01.04.2012 RW letter to hospital about no response from ER to my 12.07.2011 letter

01.04.2012 RW letter to CEO itemizing 10 problems with hospital

01.05.2012 CEO letter stating he will not use Zen because of operational factors

01.06.2012 CEO email confirming pillbox overcharging

01.10.2012 Zen request to address Board of Directors of Hospital (commenting on hospital expenses for television, radio and billboard advertising as well as a monoculture–outsourced–monthly newsletter)

01.10.2012 hospital makes appointment for me with local physician

01.13.2012 CEO letter tells Zen to stay outside of public hospital meeting Can you believe this?   He doesn’t want me observing how the HIS Board operates EVEN IN A PUBLIC MEETING!!!  (the meeting started about noon or so)

01.25.2012 Zen addresses the Board.  The chairman, Tom Ferguson, asks for a resume and references and says they will consider the request to give Zen the medical transcription that is currently being outsourced.

01.31.2012 Zen letter to Board with information they requested

02.20.2012 Zen request to speak to Board at next meeting See item 5 about failure of hospital to maintain medication records on patients and #6 about “Why isn’t information about this (Board Meetings) this posted on your website?

02.20.2012 CEO response to Zen request to appear at Board Meeting Notice how CEO SNEAKILY does not say ‘Sorry, too late to appear at this month’s Board Meeting’ OR EVEN THE COURTESY OF ‘I will put you on the next Meeting agenda’ !!!!!!!!!! ‘

02.24.2012 Zen letter to CEO with agenda items for next Wednesday’s meeting  This letter was sent on a Friday but that month’s meeting had already occurred the previous Wednesday AND THE CEO DID NOT INFORM ZEN.

02-29-2012 CEO email to Zen Re Board Meeting on February 29 Notice that the CEO does not say EITHER that the meeting was already held on Feb 24 OR we will put you on the agenda for the next meeting!!!!!  Doesn’t the CEO owe Zen an apology for this ruthlessness?

The litany goes on and on.  When the bad faith of the CEO and the administrators of the hospital’s medical insurance program do not manage to discourage this writer to give up, the CEO starts his dirty tricks.

04.18.2012 Police Officer’s Trespass Warning Notice this is not signed by a police officer, it is signed by the hospital CEO.  Notice that it says the writer “Has received WARNING by Manager Jeff Turner” but CEO has not produced any documentation to prove that.  However, the Dumas Police Department or the Moore County Attorney and the Moore County News accept it and even refer to it as a ‘Criminal Trespass Warning’

04.20.2012 BOGUS letter from CEO used to rationalize his Criminal Trespass Warning

04.30.2012 RW letter to state agencies requesting assistance with enclosure of chronology

05.22.2012 RW letter to physician CEO alleges threw me out of his office

06.12.2012 Prescription written by ER doctor for ILLEGAL medication prescribed for diabetes for RW 

06.28.2012 RW letter to hospital ER dept re overcharging

07.23.2012 RW letter to CEO and hospital staff re their failure to correct the prescription  See attached list of occasions RW had gone by the ER to pick up the corrected prescription.

07.23.2012 RW letter to local and national Chamber of Commerce about their local President (the CEO)  No response to this letter was ever received.

08.01.2012 Hospital letter ignoring RW’s request for prescription correction

MCHD CEO newspaper for chamber commerce breakfast  Article appeared in local newspaper just ONE MONTH before the hospital district requested an increase in their tax rate percentage but notice there is no mention of impending increase in the article!!!

MCHD CEO newspaper for chamber commerce breakfast (date uncertain, sometime in August?)  Zen had some questions regarding this article, which he posed in the following letter:

08.24.2012 Zen letter to CEO with questions about newspaper article

09.06.2012 my letter to CEO and Dumas Police re attending 9.11.2012 meeting

09.09.2012 RW goes to hospital ER for blood sugar of 284 (as a result of going without diabetes medication because the hospital district does not having any doctors who will see new patients on the hospital’s insurance program).  This is an example of how the CEO is penny-wise and pound-foolish.

09.11.2012 Letter to CEO re suspicious letter supporting his claim



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