E. Suggestions for transcription glossaries


In addition, glossaries of medical terms, most often misspelled words and mistaken medical terminology,  names of new medical equipment and medications, acceptable and unacceptable abbreviations, diseases and diagnoses, anatomy, laboratory terms, often misspelled or confused words, common physical examination phrases, etc.   means the  Empowering MLS (see below about MT v. MLS) with customized grammar checkers and spell checkers, word completion software and abbreviations to allow them to produce consistently productive, high quality and accurate transcriptions, as a result BOTH enhancing a MLS’ earnings and produce the work cheaper,.  In addition, a well built glossary system has important related information incorporated with the abbreviation, such as normal laboratory values, dosage ranges, etc., helping minimize the need for QA.

phonetically typing what they hear and seeing suggestions for the correct term horizontally on the bottom of their computer screen.

medical transcription agency (with the accompanying unnecessary middle-man expense), eliminating the necessity of editors and routine QA staffing.

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