B. IM chat about transcription services


me (7:42:12 PM): I have an answer for you. The report I was referring to yesterday was not a catheterization it was an echo, the one that auto populates with lots of headings when you open the report. The cardiac cath doesn’t because you get those headings when you copy a previous one using physician links.

QualityAssurance23 (7:42:55 PM): OK, that makes sense since those usually have order numbers with them.  I get what you mean now.

me (7:43:18 PM): Oh, no, I hope I don’t have to do those now.  If I do I will try to muddle through it

QualityAssurance23 (7:43:59 PM): No, I’m pretty sure you won’t. From looking at the computer, it didn’t seem as those orders were enabled with them.

me (7:44:25 PM): Good.  I wouldn’t mind doing those if I could use InstantText. Do you use that?

QualityAssurance23 (7:44:46 PM): No, I’ve never used that.

me (7:45:09 PM): Do you know I was turned down from a job at XXXXXXX because they told me “Don’t use lnstantText, we provide Shorthand”   I am so used to InstantText, I have about 14 files of abbreviations, I shouldn’t have to convert those to a platform that isn’t compatible with InstantText.

QualityAssurance23 (7:46:04 PM): That doesn’t surprise me. Lots of places don’t want you to use ‘outside’ shortcuts because of their system or other reasons only known to them.

me (7:46:13 PM): InstantText is SO superior to Shorthand. It may take longer to learn, but that is because it has more power.  And do you know that if I have a spelling question I go to my other computer, open up Microsoft Word and run that word through the Stedman’s spell checker? It is scandalous that XXXXXXX doesn’t provide a pre-installed dictionary and makes MTs start from scratch

me (7:47:40 PM): These little things all affect productivity and if they were paid closer attention to the work could be turned around faster.

QualityAssurance23 (7:49:07 PM): I know what you mean. Every company has their own software and some are better than others, but I have yet to find a place that ‘has it all’.

me (7:49:59 PM): Being able to add unlimited abbreviations makes me see my job as an investment in my future, not as a grind, like when I used to do MT on a correcting Selectric typewriter)

QualityAssurance23 (7:51 :07 PM): Oy!! Don’t remind me! That’s something akin to hammer and chisel at this point!!

me (7:51:54 PM): Yes, and we weren’t allowed to keep and access sample reports back then. MTs are still in the dark ages, and our professional association promotes India instead of standardizing unacceptable abbreviations for the MTs.

QualityAssurance23 (7:53:28 PM): I’m afraid, just like any big $$ generating industry, it’s ugly when you pick up the rock and look underneath.

me (7:S4:01 PM): Do you think things are going to change when we get single payer health coverage — electronic medical records?

QualityAssurance23 (7:56:07 PM): That’s a good question … it’s too late to ‘take our ball and 00 home’ now that we’ve shown India how fun it is to play …

me (7:56:43 PM): Our professional organization sold us down the river

QualityAssurance23 (7:57:23 PM): I wouldn’t blame them … outsourcing in general for all industries is to blame.

me (7:58:07 PM): yes, but no American professional organization I have ever heard of claims they are international. They even took the American out of the name.

QA23 (7:59:53 PM): In that, I agree. I’m sorry to say, I lost respect for ‘the organization quite some time ago due to their financial practices.

QA23 (8:00:29 PM): I was around when they first started in the 80s. They wouldn’t allow me to be grandfathered in because they claimed I hadn’t worked enough years in hospitals, but do you know the first CMTs didn’t have to take the test?

QA23 (8:02:15 PM): Does not surprise me in the least.

me (8:02:41 PM): Cyndi Lauper says: Money changes everything.

QA23 (8:03:26 PM): Never were 3 words more of an understatement.

me (8:04:30 PM): The hardiest thing about this job should be staying awake. The hardest thing about it is the backstabbing and the proprietary nature of the information. And the criticizing someone because they don’t capitalize the L in Miralax.

QA2323 (8:05:25 PM): For real!!!

me (8:05:47 PM): You know, being a male is not easy in this business.  If it wasn’t for (name of person), I wouldn’t still be here. She has been so helpful and honest.  I don’t get any help from my regular supervisor.

me (8:08:49 PM): Plus, this is a difficult medium, not ever meeting in person and only communicating via email

QualityAssurance23 (8:09:38 PM): Oh. You’ll have to give me some pointers sometime because we are scheduled to have a man added to our ranks in the SE region next week and besides you, I’ve never worked with a male MT.

me (8:10:18 PM): Well, men are more outspoken and confrontational whereas women defuse situations and defer just to close a disagreement.

QualityAssurance23 (8: 11 :22 PM): Interesting … that must be why my husband gets so frustrated when I tell him of all the little ‘situations’ I have to deal with.

me (8:11:55 PM): It is unreal, isn’t it? Having to worry so much about ruffling feathers?

QA23 (8:12:34 PM): I truly spend more time doing that than my real work. It’s very sad.

me (8:13:09 PM):  And the supervisors are not in those positions because they are good teachers, they are in that position because they are good henchmen (XXXXXXX excluded)

QA23 (8:14:34 PM):  Yes, she’s great.  Well, I have to go, I have some reports that need to be cleared.

me (8:14:55 PM): Thanks for the info about the cardiac cath.  Talk to you later.

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